I have fucked up in many a way

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Currently I can hear what seems like hundreds of fireworks outside my window, but I can’t see ANY of them, I waited up all of Bonfire Night to see them but couldn’t, that night I chose not to go out with my friends or ‘significant other’ (who I deeply regret getting with might I add) because I was feeling sad.  I don’t know why I started this ‘journal’ with that but now I can’t stop feeling like this, it’s been days.

I always tell people ‘everything happens for a reason’ and give them ‘great advice’ that I never follow but how can I when it’s so fucking untrue, every decision I make I end up regretting it to the point of which it’s all I think about and it fills me with an empty sick feeling that won’t go away.

Some time earlier this year I was feeling fucked up.  Like, really really badly.  I slept with my best friends brother, and there are SO many reasons why I did this, she found out, of course she did, right when my life was becoming impossibly happy I come home to a message from her, it destroyed me and all the happiness I had been building up over the last weeks coming up to it fell apart.

I told her in a panic so many reasons why I did it.  Might as well list them

  • I felt disgusting.  I hadn’t eaten in days and wanted someone to make me feel pretty.  He did just that.  Since I’ve put the weight on drastically but I think I want to get back to the way I looked back then.
  • I kind of was in love with her, I knew the feelings would never be reciprocated and so I wanted to literally fuck away my feelings, and he was the first available option.  I know how messed up that sounds, believe me I think about it every day.
  • I thought I would die a virgin, I was so sure that there was something wrong with me and so I wanted to take any chance I could.
  • I was really, really lonely.
  • I wanted to figure out what my sexuality was, so I used him, I never got to apologise and I’m pretty sure he, like his sister hates me now.

So there you have it.  I fucked up big time and that’s only one of the examples.

Everyone tells me it’s not such a big deal, it seems as though the only ones who give a shit is my ex best friend and me.  I won’t  forgive myself any time soon.

Oh, another thing, I tried to commit suicide twice this year, both failed, obviously.

I fell so deeply into a pit of sadness and I couldn’t get out.  I tried once to slit my wrists, still unsure to how it didn’t work but I’m alive still.  Second time was with pills, only 20 or so but I was so sure I would die.  I was looking forward to it so much.

I’m saying all of this because I need something to do and writing daily or occasionally and I need to start with a bit of a back story, pretty shit one but a back story none the less.

‘Everything gets worse’

Now this is a quote I can relate to.  I keep pulling myself further into total shit.  I got a girlfriend recently.  I think I’m going to have to break up with her because no matter what, all I can think of is fucking other people and running and never stopping, I don’t know I think that guy i fucked really messed me up, though it’s not fair on me to blame him, I didn’t really want to have sex with him in the end but I acted like I was 100% into it when really I was in the negative numbers, I was scared as shit but all my friends encouraged me.

The same friends who told his sister, my best friend.  Correction: Ex best friend.

I have looped back to this whole sex this worry aha, I just don’t think I can get over it and that’s really silly.

I cried for at least 3 days when she found out, on and off constantly.  I was a mess.

I wonder if ANYONE at all is going to read this.  I wonder if anyone does, if I know them, if they know EXACTLY who I am.

If so I think I’ve gotten past the point of caring, I’m so cold and tired and out of it all the time it wouldn’t affect me for more than half an hour.


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  1. I know it must be really hard for you, but Im happy to know that I’m not the only person who is having a bad time. I hope things get well 🙂 I would love to talk to you if you want! Have a nice day.

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