I’m Crying Over PEOPLE Right Now

No, they didn’t die.  They’re just ignorant of my feelings…

Carl (the Nerd that might be crushing on me) has zero fucks right now.  We’re Skyping and I’m trying not to make it too obvious, but it’s a habit.  Even I can tell from my own voice and actions that I am unhappy but he’s just acting like it’s nothing.  They say Nerds are better lovers than “cool” kids, but I disagree…

Even family members on Facebook don’t give a shit.  I’ve spent years throwing subtle hints (not really subtle) that I am unhappy sometimes and no one even gives them a “thumbs up”.  They spend all their time playing Facebook games and taking selfies, no matter what age they are.  I guess their vanity is more important than my mental health/feelings/etc.

I’m losing faith in Humanity again.  Someone help… if you have the time.

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