Little old lady

So at work yesterday I met the sweetest little old lady who has been married for 67 years. She married a man that she had only known for 18 days. She said that when she first met him he really pissed her off because he smacked her on the butt and told her that she was his and that she would be for the rest of their lives. She said she went to smack him and he grabbed her, kissed her and said he’d be back tomorrow and they were going on a date when she got off. By the 3rd date she said she knew he was the one. She told me that the key to a good relationship/marriage is knowing you’re place as a woman to your husband/what ever you young folks are doing these days. Her words not mine lol. Said that we as woman are meant to serve our men as long as they are doing right by us. That a good man who provides for his family and leads them with a strong but nurturing hand should never be taken for granted and she will happily serve her husband in any way she can until the day they die. She said to this day he still calls her his little darling(yes I awwwed at this point lol). Said that as a woman I should do the same when I find a man like that. I told her I have found one like that already and she gave me a hug and said good for you. But then she said and make sure you’re giving him what he needs when he needs it and that pervy old lady winked at me and walked off lol. Man I love old people.

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