One thing women need to realize is that we all have this amazing strength within us. The strength sometimes must be found but when we are faced with difficult times we tend to find it. ¬†Never in a million years did I ever think that I could be doing this all on my own. There was always this fear of being alone, not being financially ready and raising my son by myself. Once I was faced with this it took nothing for me to get my shit together and do what I needed to do. As you all know I cried a lot and was confused but I knew this could not stop me. Many times in my life people have told me how strong I am with surviving my childhood abuse and loosing my parents. It has not until recently that I realized I was strong. I always chalked up to survival and not allowing my past to define me. Whenever I have been put in situations I have always just grabbed life by the horns and move forward. For me there is no time to ever sit back and sulk. Think that’s why I’m so excited that I’m experiencing this journey. It is giving me a chance to realize my strength, find me and create a life that I want. No one can choose your destiny unless you allow them to. It is within me to find the strength that I need to get through any situation, be a great mother and become successful in my career.

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