We can’t always see the “before” and “after” of every stage. Sometimes we don’t know the difference. Some other times, our perspectives on changes aren’t the same as those of others’.

Age is just a number. We may agree or disagree with this statement. Some people just want to have fun while it still lasts that they often take life for granted. Some just want to do it right and get too serious along the way.

Of course, there are some who’d like to stay in balance. Which one are we?

Do we change for the better? Do we really want to? How better are we? How much better can we be?

People come and go. Nothing lasts forever. Everything shall pass, no matter how much we’d like them to stay. Not all is for keeps.

Of course, we deal with changes differently.

The ghosts of the past may always come back once in a while, haunting us and reminding us of how we used to be. The choice is always there, though:

Do we let the past dictate the person we are today? Do we want to improve, evolving to become better? Better – according to whom?

Friendships – and relationships – last not because there are perfect, flawless people involved. A wise friend once stated: “It’s about people willing to learn, forgive, and push aside their ego for that matter.”

People start love with ‘because’. They also end love with ‘because’. There are those who keep love, not only with ‘because’ – but also with ‘despite’, ‘even though’, and sometimes none at all.

Changes are certain – and often unavoidable. They’re not always pleasant, but what can anyone do but just deal with them?

How? That depends on each of us – with or without the help of others. After all, God is always present…


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