Events With Everett

I am so confused. I thought I liked Everett, and I still think he is a pretty guy. The thing is, now Alex is pretty pissed because he came over and I was sitting next to Everett on the bed, closely. Alex had to leave because he had band practice. Later, Laura, Everett and I ordered Chinese food and watched Sense 8. It is an okay series. We basically watched half of the first season. I even left to go brush my teeth, Everett was still there. I left to go take a shower, and when I came back, he was still there. I FELL ASLEEP. Apparently Laura had to ask him to leave, but if she didn’t do that, HE STILL WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE.

I vented to Alex today that Everett overstayed. Everett stayed from the time we all got dinner around 4:30pm until 2 am. I occasionally think of Jim. I occasionally think about calling him. Then I remember he is married and preoccupied and I immediately push the idea out of my mind. I do want to tell all these stories to him. I want to tell all these stories to other people. I have Laura though, and Juli, and both Emilies.

This morning I was hungry and went to get food before Laura could even get out of bed. I texted Alex and I wanted him to meet me at breakfast because I wanted to talk to him about Everett. He was at church playing the piano for the service so he told me he would like to meet me, but it would be a while.

I saw Phil after I got my food. I originally looked at him and started eating alone at a different table. Then I thought that made me an ass. I went over and sat with Phil, who was eating by himself. “So been to any cool parties lately?” “Nah I have mostly been buckling down on my work.” “Oh that’s good. I feel like I might be becoming an alcoholic though,” I admitted to him. “Nah, you are good. You hardly drink in comparison to me.” I gave him a funny look. I have been drinking a lot, but the subject kinda changed. He told me the story about how last Friday the fire alarm in our complex went off at 2 am and he was passed out drunk from a party and so he was not able to get up during the fire drill. He now has to attend a meeting about the code of conduct for the building, and if the authorities find out more he has to do more community service for the alcohol.

I eventually left Phil because he was done eating and I really wanted to talk to Alex alone when he got there. I grabbed a table by the soup.

Badger had sent a group message about how she went to a party last night and had her first kiss with this guy Matt, who was her roommate’s crush. However, she was so drunk that she even made out with her roommate too and one other girl. I was like…”Damn Badger. GO YOU. GET IT,” or something like that. She said she didn’t even want to kiss the girls though, it just kinda happened because she was drunk.

So this girl Amanda who lives on my floor came up to me and we started talking, but at the same time Alex showed up and sat down, eating. I really wanted to talk to Alex but Amanda was venting so much I insisted that she sit down. She was talking about how she wants to move out but she is having such a hard time finding someone who would get her move-in with them and the least I could do is sit there and listen to her. People need to do that. When I was sure she was done venting I excused myself to go get an ice cream, and she said that she needed to get going, as I expected her to say. I told Alex I will be right back.

I came back and I told Alex all about Everett and he told me he was angry, frustrated, and  uncomfortable when he saw me and Everett close to each other on the bed. I told Alex that I need to tell Everett about my asexuality. He said he would be my wingman on that…Well, sort of like an anti wing-man. I told Alex that I do not plan on having Everett over any time soon because he stayed so long, and if I did Alex needed to be there so that when Alex decides to leave he can take Everett with him.

It was a descent chat. I have not gotten any work done yet though. I am sitting in the library next to a glass wall overlooking the river down below along with quite a bit of dead trees. I saw an orange cat today. It was in my dream. In my dream there was one large orange cat and two babies the size of my palm. One baby was black and white and the other was completely white. In my dream, Laura and I had taken-them-in.

I need to do work. Patrick is supposed  to come over around 6:00 today, but who knows if he will blow us off. He does that a lot.

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