It is time that I let you go
I’ve never thought I’d consider this before
You don’t know
I’m not even sure why I’m still waiting on you for

It is time that I set you free
I should have done this sooner
My love for you has made me forget about me
It doesn’t make me feel any better

Is it going to be easy?
Of course not
I need to be happy
and this feeling has consumed me a whole lot

May God help me with this
in hope that, you’ll no longer be someone I miss
I guess this is one of my rarest, most realistic wishes
so I won’t see you in my mind’s eye while feeling someone else’s kisses

I need to sleep well tonight
May tomorrow and the next be alright
Hopefully soon, I’ll no longer (want to) cry
every time I think about your steel blue eyes

Goodbye, just another unrequited love
This may be enough
although I still pray for thee
and both of us to be happy…


(Jakarta, 7/11/2015 – 9:45 pm)

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