Who am I

Sometimes I just can’t help but think;

Who am I?

Yesterday I was determined to be the brightest and bubbliest one in sight,

but today…

I don’t know about today…

What to do

What to do

What to do

with my life.

I have dreams and wishes…

they’re just…

too bland.

They don’t have the right colours yet.

They’re not bright enough yet.

But how can I make them brighter?

Do I laugh everyday

even when I don’t feel like laughing?

What am I supposed to do

when all I want to do

is to crawl into a ball and think.



Think about everything.

Think about this.

About that.

About everything.

I just want to be brighter.

I want to be popping with colours so bright

but I just.




How am I supposed to change myself into something…

Something that I’m not.

I’m constantly torn

between who I am,

and who I want to be.



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