My mental state has been good lately. My physical state – not so much. I have been unmotivated. I am a healthy person. But I am not at my best right now. My weight has been creeping up slowly during the course of the last year or so. I don’t weigh myself, but I know I am gaining by the way I feel and what I see in the mirror and how my clothes feel. I am also – as is probably normal for a 50 year old woman – losing muscle tone. I can’t afford that as it will only lead to problems. I have a lot of kid-raising years ahead of me. I can’t slow down. So….with all of the above being said, I am joining Weight Watchers today. I am a lifetime member. I have not attended a meeting in several years. I am probably 10 lbs above my healthy weight goal so I will pay until I get within 2 lbs of the goal. I am asking my mother to join with me. She is in the same position – lifetime member but over healthy weight goal. My sister was a very successful weight watcher. She worked for the organization before her diagnosis. She was very inspirational to all. I would like to be as inspirational as she was. And still is. I feel her hugging me now. And I’m smiling.

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