Day 1: Let’s Start Over

I was not a happy child last year. And now that I read my journal,holy snapples, my posts are depressing as hell. It wasn’t the super dark I want to kill myself stuff, but i was near it. I guess it’s just one of those weird phases you go through as a teenager. WHAT MORE DO I GO THEOUGH GOD? ISNT PUBERTY ENOUGH? …wait do women go on puberty? Yeah I think so.

Anyways as I was saying, that dark emo, lonely me is gone. I haven’t gone under any special treatment or had a tragic experience. I Just put away my moody feelings and tried to be happy or brighter for the sake of my friends and families. Especially myself. And like magic, it works.

Im trying to learn how to face my problems straight on, see the positive side of things, and not let small things get me down. I’m going to try loving life and smile. YEAAAH! You hear that life! We gonna get along till I die! Wooh! XD


P.S: Nothing interesting happened today. So this is what I have for today.

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