Entry 6 : My reply to a prejudice author


Entry 6 : My reply to a prejudice author

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Date Indian Girls

I read this article last week stating why people shouldn’t date Indian girls and here’s my opinion.
Although this stupid article makes the bloody my veins boil because the writer is being rather shallow and daft by being insensitive and make general accusations, I am going to be as kind as possible in my words. Do not discriminate or undermine a certain race or religion or be blinded by prejudism and generalize everything you see only because a handful of people practice it. Just because a person has a higher standard of chastity than you do or has a higher level of moralè than you do, or what level of “moral conduct” society feels the norm should be, it doesn’t mean everyone should adhere to it. The moral standards of society are dying on a day to day basis. People tend to glorify the Western world and fail to realize that they have their share of cons too. Is pre-marital sex allowed in the eyes of God? My ardent wish is that the author realizes that people are working hard to eliminate prejudice and make the world a better place by making everyone look at the world as one race,the human race. The diversity in this world is what makes us special, unique and makes up our world. Imagine if a garden only had one type of flower? Wouldn’t it be boring? So dear author, save your crappy literary skills, either write good material or dump it. Because it my opinion, what you wrote is fit for the rubbish bin. Sincerely, a Malaysian Indian girl who is mad at you! Lots of love from Malaysia and do write better material!


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