Sex addiction

Not sure why I crave to just fill my life with chaos

Feeling pretty sexually depraved after my last encounter, I can’t believe I let him do all that to me

I can’t believe I enjoyed it. But now I feel so disgusted with myself, mostly for enjoying it so much

And then my detachment afterwards, he wanted to cuddle and hold my hand but I felt uncomfortable with that. I’ll let him fuck me and slap my face while calling me a bitch but I won’t let him hold my hand.

I don’t want to kiss him goodbye and I don’t want to hug him.

I want to leave and go smoke a joint and drink a coffee. I was recently told that it was very weird for a chick to be like that. I don’t know I kind of see it like this: we’re only here to fuck, I’m not your mother, don’t ask me to hold your hand


So I guess that makes me cold hearted or mean. Kinda always been like that though.

Whatever I don’t know what else to say


2 thoughts on “Sex addiction”

  1. i think its fine to feel that way your grown why put ur emotions into every sexually encounter it sucks that as women we cant do what men have been doing for decades due to these sexually stereotypes do u girl

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