Entry 8 (When we are forced)

Many of us have experienced peer pressure our whole life.Peer pressure is when your friends or somebody else is trying to force you to do something that you do not really wish to do. Often they try to convince you through name calling or others ways of being mean. All kids feel the need to fit in and this is ok, but sometimes you may find yourself doing things not because you want to but because others have told you to. You may fear saying no since it will make you look dumb, or you may think that your “friends”might not like you anymore. True friends will accept you just the way you are!Please remember that you have every right to say no, all you need is the courage to do so .  It is hard to find this courage at times but it will help keep you safe and out of trouble.  So practice saying no.Imagine conversations where you wish to say no and practice doing so. So lets give it a thought so that the future generation can have a peaceful life. In my opinion its really good if we can start from today.

Credits to sha.

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