This past weekend I was able to spend time with some of my dearest friends. These are the people that even when words are not spoken they totally understand. I found myself giggling like a little school girl this weekend, having inappropriate jokes and drinking lots of wine. Sometimes it is nice to let your hair down a little and just let go. It was even extra bonus to spend time with my other dear friends on Sunday and all of them making my hair work day a blast. My one friend is a hairstylist at heart and she is secretly my little “hair consultant” to help keep the flow. If you ever want to know if your current style is working for you or if a style you’re thinking will work for you she would be the one that will tell you flat out if it does or doesn’t. I just adore her. I guess the point of this entry is that we all need that time to spend with our friends. They are the ones that will help lift you up when you are down, tell you how it is and always encourage you to be a better version of your self. Take time to nurture friendships and be willing to be there for them as well. For me basically spending the entire weekend with my dearest of friends helped me realize that I’m worth making time for myself and taking time to spend with those friends that I love.

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