Off to the store!!

I’m so serious about this Weightloss that I’m trying so hard to achieve. I know this plan says no exercise, but! I love to walk. So maybe with this plan and some walking… It’ll be a better success?

Here is the link with all the information that I am going to do. I’m excited about this. I don’t think of it as a diet but a healthy life style change.

If you’re interested in following with me. Let me know. You can reach me at my email address

I’m currently 219 pounds and am hoping to shed 19 of those. (Originally started out at 225). And then make my way to 120. I know that’s a lot of weight. So this is why I plan on doing it slowly so I can firm up at the same time. I know that it can be done with out surgery. That’s the thing I dread the most. I was so afraid of my last lady surgery that I vowed to myself. I cannot live this way. I need to make a difference and I need to shed this unwanted weight. I’m hoping someone would read this and want to buddy up.

thanks for reading.

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