The Young Millenials

You can relate to a bit of the struggles of the 20th decade

You can still relate to the oblivious teenagers too

You are 19, 20, 21, 22… In college (if not, you may have skipped this stage, this probably isn’t you).

You’re swimming through with foggy goggles too.

You probably have regular round-table discussions with yourself(ves).

And an unpleasant amount of your thoughts begin with “I need to…”

But you feel like you’re doing totally OK. Yeah, you definitely are.

Young enough that all the little kinks will work themselves out in time. Que sera, sera. And you get that.

Plus look at how much you’ve grown over just the past year. And look at where you’re going.

You’ve got a lot to learn. But you’ve learnted a lot.

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