Alright, since I’m still awfully busy, I think I’ll just write as much as I remember here.

My brother and my cousin Mia have been preparing their weddings this year. Mia’s getting married this month while my brother is next.

What about me?

I’m still the same, working and writing. I’m generally okay. I just don’t want to think about love now. I really don’t. Friends say I shouldn’t give up hope, which I don’t. I just…I don’t know. Perhaps I just don’t put love a priority.

As simple as that.

Bye bye, Steel Blue Eyes. I’ve already made up my mind: I’m letting him go this time. I’m not waiting on him anymore. I’ve stopped.

And Mark? The last I heard of him, he was still in Bali. I think he’s kind of sulky with me. Why? I’ve declined his invitation to go travelling with just him…three times. First to Jogjakarta, then to Malaysia (for his visa run), and then Bali.

I can’t…and I won’t. I barely know Mark and I don’t want to risk myself – no matter how badly I need a holiday and how tempted I am to just go travelling with him.

I caught up with Hani and Red again on Tuesday. It’s been a year. We hung out in GI with Hazel Eyes for a while.

Hazel Eyes had treated me to dinner and desserts at Saigon Cafe and Trattoria for my 34th birthday. How sweet. He’d done that despite his recent breakup with L. (L had moved out of the apartment.) Because of the breakup, Hazel Eyes can’t afford to stay in that apartment on his own. The rent’s too bloody expensive.

And Hazel Eyes is starting his cookie business besides teaching for a living.

Guess who’s moving out of her rented room next month.

Ma and my brother are okay with the idea. Besides, this is only temporary, though. Until when? I don’t know yet. Until he makes enough money with his cookie business and finds a partner to live together forever with?

Until I get married?

By the way, Hazel Eyes is gay. I’m his fag hag. That’s the only reason Ma and my brother don’t object me living together with him. It’s not like he’s going to rape me or something.

Hmm, what else?

Angga is leaving Jakarta soon. He’s got a new job in KL, which means this week is our last week hanging out with him…

Deniz (alias D.) has returned. He’s in this city now and back to working in the same language school.

This is going to be interesting…


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