A new beginning…

As a kid and preteen I use to write all my feelings down.. It was just something that helped keep a clear mind. If I felt a certain way and did not have anyone to talk to about it. Such as boys I would write them done and get things off my chest. As I became a mom for the first time and was going through some trials in my life I also had an online journal. I felt alone at the time and confused and I began to write everything down. My daughter is now 10 years old and I have not once wrote a thing down since she was 6 months old. As I once again feel a bit lonely and have feelings I need to get out, I felt that I should probably find the time weekly to write it all down. I lost my best friend Niesha and she is usually the one I would text things too. But her and I have had a falling out recently and some things you just don’t want to bother your husband about. I have always been full of feelings and when I keep them in I tend to get hormonal and extremely moody. Excersize helps release all the tension but I feel this will also help. So now here I am.. Tressie Bohorquez.. Age 29 years old living in Salt lake city UT. I am going on my 7 years marriage with my husband Camilo Bohorquez and we have four beautiful children. Ages 10,7,6 and 3 years old. Oldest is a girl and the three younger ones are boys. Names are Autumn Rose, Alexander Milo, Christian Andres and Eric Victorious. They are my world and a lot of work. I have days where I think “What was I thinking having four children?” Then I have days where I wish I had one more girl. Haha. I recently had a pregnancy scare and I realized I am just not wanting another child. It reassured me that getting my tubes tied was a good idea. Autumn and I are the only girls in the family of six.. I am sure I will be glad of that. Although she has always wanted a little sister. Camilo and I even thought about adopting if the time comes up. I had all four kids by the age of 25.. When they are teens my husband and I will still be young. Who knows what will happen in the future.


My husband and I have been living together for 8 years married for 7 on Nov 13th. We have had our ups and downs. At one point it was nothing but downs. But now seven years later and we are going much stronger. Our children are deff a big part of why we have worked things out. But we also love each other.. We are so different personality wise.. Raised totally different that it makes things difficult and interesting at the same time. I am not sure how I would feel being with someone more like myself. I think when you are living your life with someone who brings different ways to the table you don’t get as bored as easily. Its just always interesting how your life turns out.. I never expected as a kid to have a life like I do. I never thought I would have been married twice with four children.. Never saw myself with someone such as Camilo. He works hard for our family though and his childish personality makes him a fun great dad to the kids. I am a very lucky woman to find such an amazing father to my kids. He loves them dearly and is their for them. He also has become a lot more patient with them in the years of experience. He now also goes to the gym with me a couple times a week. Such a turn on!. I find family very important. Its the only people you can count on when everyone else lets you down. I also hope that my children grow up as friends and always can be their for each other.

If their is a few things I feel my kids should learn from myself as they grow old its 1: Family is number one.. I did not have 4 kids in 6 years just so they can become distant later in life. I feel that as they become adults they can also be good friends. With being close in age they will be able to relate and bond with each other. Family should be able to count and depend on each other for support and friendship. I hope they realize this.

Number 2 is god! Which really he should be number 1. I myself struggle with this.. This world is so distracting that it makes things hard for everyone. God should be in our lives to help us get through this life. The world is crazy.. And even getting crazier as time goes on. I feel that we as humans need god even more then ever. I feel bad for anyone that feels other wise. Its so easy to forget to pray and thank him.. I am trying to make this as more of a priority and even going to start praying as a family at the end of the night and read the bible with my children. Number 3 is school.. I feel as long as the kids are getting good grades I will give them more freedom to play and adventure out. I don’t think kids understand the importance of getting an education til its too late. So I am letting my children know all the time that school comes over most things. Money is last.. Money is probably one of the least important things as a family. But its nice to have it 🙂

Alright well I am off to the gym.. I have a great feeling about this journal writting. I cant wait to write again.

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