If zena don’t text or I’ll never she her again

Because I will be for ever hunted by her beauty. GOD HELP ME PLEASE  I don’t want to be in love with zena it some thing  pulling me ! Or maybe  it this weed I’m smoking on every thing I exhale I think of her  .I’m so sorry zena I so terrified  I was scared I was going to lose the only  thing I have is a friend ship god I wish we had more than that zena probably think I’m so ugly or gay ! Definitely gay lol  . Zena please forgive me for texting you last monday  I’m so cold where I sleep at on the streets because I can’t efford skydiving and a place to say ! I can’t sleep cuz I’m so scared what zena thinks about me now I want to quit but I can’t be home less and with a job ! But I could if I just had zena I’m sorry who ever read this is going to call me a fool fml wish it would stop but I can’t quit because zena have gave strength  thank you zena I hope you get the job at apple I want to see you happy ! I hope you never go through what Im going throw being love with someone who dose not want you . It not your fault zena my hands are so cold zena I don’t think looking at your pics zena I pray for you and luara all most every night .

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