Off to a rocky start

I seriously had my alarm set to make sure I would stay on track today with my eating habits. We all went to bed by 9:30pm. And wouldn’t you know… My beautiful daughter (she’s one) decides she is going to wake up at 1:30am.. Ahhhhh… She just wanted to play play play… Omg goodness. I couldn’t believe it. She didn’t go back to sleep until around 3:30am. So… Naturally, I am dragging behind today. Anyhow. I did get up this morning to take my son to school. Made my cinnamon/honey tea for for post starting my day. Got home, made a egg white taco filled with mushrooms and green bell pepper. It was delicious. While that was cooking. I started a green tea to simmer. I’ll be drinking that goodness here in a few. I’m really hoping to stay on track. I completely forgot I told my son I would have lunch with him today. So… I need to get busy. I’m going to make chicken tamales this week. I can’t wait!! I’m not eating them though. Okay yes I am! But! In moderation of course. Hope everyone has a great and wonderful day. I’ll post more this evening.

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