Entry 6: Who am I?

Entry 6: Who am I?

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Who am I? Sometimes, I will ask myself this question. Who am I actually?

Well, I am just a normal person like everyone. Like others, I need to eat, breath, sleep…… I am a student who is still studying very hard to pursue my dream. I am also a sister to my two younger brothers and a daughter to my parents.

I like to watch Japanese animations and read novels when I am free. My favourite Japanese animation is Fairy Tail. My favourite character is Lucy Heartfilia.

My favourite subjects are mathematics and chemistry. I like to study subjects that involved all kinds of calculations and chemical reactions. I cannot imagine how I can continue my school life without these two subjects. I dislike subjects that have  little or no calculations like biology…..

Besides, I like to eat. This may sound crazy. Who does not like to eat? I think nobody, right? If you do not like to eat, how can you survive, right?  My favourite flavours are blueberry and blackcurrant. (for drinks, sweets and cakes)

Well, this is who I am and I like myself so much.

Edited by Nawwar,  Aina and Amy.




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