Why can’t i get zena out my mind 😭😖😔😓

So Monday I text her told her how I feel

My whole word stop I’m waiting a reply and got nothing that put me in to a deep spin like skydiving smh ask I look up in to the sky where I love it I see stars  . This bright star remind me of zena I’m not going to put her last name that how my Ass found her sexy pics Good GOD I drop my iPad jerry me im sorry zena I scared you off I’m so embarrass cuz I know you told luara shit  it a every day struggle now going to work at the hyatt I can’t sleep thinking about what zena thinks about what I text her she said juan please tell me what you wanted  to me . I wanted to say I love you .but I told a long ass book smh  I’m nervous at work now I’m like really sad my feelings are hurt cuz she didn’t say anything I hope she won’t freak out and block my number

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