Decisions, decisions, decisions

I spoke with my ex the other night and he said that he had only gone back to his ex for security and a place to stay but that he was miserable and would rather be with me even if our life isn’t all that extravagant and he wouldn’t be able to do as much yet he was happier with me then with any of his other relationships. I only broke up with him because I was uncertain of where I was going in life and I felt like I was holding him back. Now he is staying with his friend and is single again.

My options are to move to San Diego where he is at right now and start over there although I don’t know anyone there at least I’d be with him and away from the snow. He would be able to work but I wouldn’t be able to take my dogs.

I could also stay here at my parents house in UT and try to find renters to help pay rent but he wouldn’t be able to work because he has hypomyalgia. It would be a bit harder to get to work in the snow since I don’t have a car but I’d be able to keep my dogs here.

I love my ex and I know he loves me too because we treat each other very respectfully and we don’t argue about anything. We like the same things spiritually and physically. We have a lot of the same hobbies and have a lot of the same interest in bed.

I guess the decision to be with him is clear but the decision of where I want to live is not as clear for me. I’m afraid of either decision because I know how hard it can be starting over.

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