Entry 1- AZRUL

Azrul is my cousin and he also the eldest child in the family.he has two brothers and a sister. His father was a taxi-driver while his mother a housewife. Life was simple but the close-knit family was happy.

I am so prouds with him because when Azrul was twelve years old,his father had a heart attack and passed away. His family life became difficult and his mother had to resrt to selling food every evening to support the family.

Although azrul’s mother earned was not adequate to support the family but through his diligence and perseverance,Azrul excelled in his studies and examination. He became a top achiever when he scored straight A’s in the SPM examination. He  was rewarded a scholarship to do medicine in England .he work hard and after six years overseas,he came back to Malaysia as a qualified doctor. I make he as my model to more successful in my future.

Edited by : Intan Zulaikha

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