Entry 2- Yum Yum

Any colour. Any taste. Any smell. FOOD. Food is the one substance in this world that has constant variety . The variety of food is just one of the many reasons why I loves it so much.my favourite food is roti canai. This is fact the most popular menu in our country.

I eats this menu approximately 3-4 times in a week. This menu is prepared at home mostly and sometimes I eats it in restraurant. There are some variations in the way this food is prepared and the ingredients  using which this food made. Different restraurant have their own specialty in preparing and serving this menu.

This is my favourite food for many reasons. Firstly it is very delicious and healthy. This menu meets the demand for different food values our body needs. It is available in most of the part in our country. Moreover,it is not that much expensive to prepare and does not require on much effort to prepare. For all this reasons it is my favourite food.

Edited By : Ayu

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