Entry 8 : Skin Whitening, Heart Darkening

Entry 8 : Skin Whitening, Heart Darkening
Have you ever seen advertisements by Nivea or Fair and Lovely where they claim if you use their whitening cream, you can get a shade fairer in a week? I get so irritated when major companies like these tell such lies in the mass media. Think about it. If a cream did make your skin fairer in a week, think of all the things that have gone into it. How potent and strong must the chemicals in it be to restore your levels of melanin or what’s worse, destroy your melanin pigments. Melanin is the pigment in our body that can prevent us from having skin cancer and it is what gives our skin it’s colour. How can a product claim to reverse the skin’s natural colour in a week? Sometimes, society puts such high emphasis on certain criterias that we have to live up to be claimed beautiful, that we forget to embrace the diversity we have in our world today. We have been blessed with a world with diversity and man should learn to embrace it. It is what makes us human. Bahá’u’lláh compared the world of humanity to the human body. Within this organism, millions of cells, diverse in form and function, play their part in maintaining a healthy system. The principle that governs the functioning of the body is cooperation. Its various parts do not compete for resources instead each cell, from the day it is created. is linked to a continuous process of giving and receiving.
Acceptance of the oneness of humanity demands that prejudice be it racial, religious, or gender related must be totally eliminated.


I would like to thank my editors : Syazwan and Nabilah Z.

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