Entry 9 (Long distance relationship)

Relationships are about loyalty. No matter how far you go,you have to trust your partner.In my point of view ,people nowadays gets into  relationships just for the sake of showing off to the world. Love is a beautiful feeling. Everyone in this world at some point of their lives would have experienced that precious feeling. If u go far away from your parents,will the love for them just fade away? Will we just  end our relationship with them? Definitely its a no. So how can we say that long distance relationship dont last? As long as you trust each other stay loyal to each other the bond you guys share will be stronger. There is no chance for that specific relationship with all this criteria to just end like that. For the girls, I think we should respect our partners and as for the guys you guys have to do the same. Respect each other and treat each other right. Always remember if there’s a will, there’s a way. So let’s not blame each other try our level best to keep things right and make sure our relationship long last no matter how far we go in our life.

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