Forever alone

I know probably nobody will read this but hey I’ll just write it to get it off my chest anyway because not many people really care anyway. I’ve felt alone and depressed for so long it’s gotten to be a everyday thing. I wish it would stop. If i was to tell my friends and family they wouldn’t understand or they’d say I’m lying. I don’t know what to do anymore. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just pretend to be mute and invisible but then that wouldn’t help me at all. I just need a friend right now and I know if you do read this you probably won’t care so I’m pretty much writing this for myself.

4 thoughts on “Forever alone”

  1. yes there is someone who cares and actually knows the pain you describe, I’m not a teenager but a 55 year old woman, who has truly felt so much pain in her life also, sometimes I feel like nobody cares either but there is someone else that cares, his name is God, I don’t know your religious life, but I cried out to him and he answered my prayers, he will put people in your life who will encourage you, he will give you strength you never knew you had. You are never alone, if you can read new king james bible psalms 23 and psalms 91. I care about you and will pray for you, trust in the Lord, take all your cares and cast them upon him and he will sustain you. I believe you will be okay, try to talk to your parents, a teacher, a counselor someone, don’t try to carry this burden alone. God BLess

  2. Hey! Do you Wanna talk? Add me on Snap its naandaa. We are The same age and im sure se have things in commum

  3. hi! I am 19 years old and I just want you to know there is always someone out here who cares. If you would want to talk just let me know! I’m always ready to listen.

  4. I’m at that same level right now where all I want to do is sleep but that hasn’t gotten me anywhere so far. So now I’ve slowly gotten myself out of the house by walking my dogs, going to the store/mall/park just to walk around even though I know no one will talk to me or notice me at least it’s one step towards what I want to achieve and that’s not feeling like I’m alone because eventually you keep going out you’ll find something you enjoy doing and find people who enjoy doing that same thing even if it is just walking or running.

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