Grabbing of the arms

I decided to go to a class that my husband and I attented together. I needed the fellowship. Thinking that I would STILL be welcomed with open arms. (ha, ha)

As usual, I sat: middle section, second roll, fourth seat (husband use to sit on the fifth).

I said my hell-o’s to all that came in, reaching out my right arm to shake their hand. SOME I would give a sisterly hug.

I noticed that the climate was NOT as before. I felt the brisk air around me, there was a slight chill in the atmosphere.

I noticed that my hugs were NOT excepted.

My out reached hand was NOT acknowledged.

Those who once sat in my roll, were sitting else where.

In the corner of my eye I noticed, that one of the guys sat down on the third seat, in my roll, his wife pulled his left arm and whispered: “We’re not sitting here!”  A few minutes later, a second guy made a point to say hell-o, and sat down next to me, immediately his companion pulled him away!

Before long, every seat was taken EXCEPT where I sat – – alone!

Found out after class that it was announced that my husband had PASSED.

I no longer fit – – Odd man out!

42 – days today.

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