Hell hath no fury than me in De-Clutter Mode

So over the last nearly 2 months my whole life has been one big de-cluttering storm. Over the last 2 days my building at work has been subject to one of the biggest, most intense, ruthless de-cluttering episodes. And wholey shit does it feel good. And you know what? I never realised just how much it would mean to my girls who I work with. They are so glad to get rid of the excess shit that has just been sitting around in our classrooms. So tonight Husband left to play touch and I decided it was time to sort this Facebook issue out- nearly 3 hours later I am still going. I have deleted over 150 friends and I’m now trawling through the chat/conversations. I need to delete all of these and especially the ones which have memories attached to. Half of the conversations I didn’t even know were still there they are years and years old. Naturally there is never a ‘delete all’ button and so I have been deleting them one by one and I’ll keep going until there is nothing left. I read through the conversation strand between my Friend and I again last night – it is so strange reading back what I said, it almost feels like it wasn’t me saying those things (but I know it was), it feels like those conversations were so long ago now…I’m ready to keep getting rid of this shit! Watch me go!!

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