I just can’t do it sleep because I’m think about zena 😢

This must be karma coming back on me if so I rather get shot no to far ! 💀 zena would be in pain na I doubt it ! Because of what she text me who knows shit the stuff I’m writing could be on a TV show like family  matters with that goofy as nerd god I can’t spell his name Steve urkel  or what ever lol.I’m must be really  high 😨😨💔💔💔   just like Steve ukel was in love with luara  speaking of which I saw her look at me funny in the locker room  early to Day like she was jealous or like juan stop texting  her or juan zena ask me to tell  you can you please stop texting my phone about skydiving ifly ! Or what going on at the hyatt fool she  don’t work here no more juan get off her   shit this weed got me lit 😊😐

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