Is your pain necessary or being acceptable?

Often times people confuse pain being necessary with becoming acceptable. However, these concepts are different. One meaning to destroy you and the other meaning to shape you. Ultimately, you choose which of these becomes your outcome. But most times, it becomes hard to distinguish- kind of like loving someone and being in love with someone. True, it’s very difficult, and I can sit here and say as much as I want about it, yet we all will eventually fall guilty of the ignorance. Let’s just hope, we all learn the hard way, if so. Such as, experiencing pain constantly to the point it just becomes acceptable, therefore resulting in the lack of changing to achieve a higher sense of happiness. Or with it being necessary. We must experience pain, that is part of living and learning to accustom to our morals, values, and the future we want to foresee. Pain gives accomplishment more meaning. Pain gives a gateway to change. Usually, if you experience true pain it means something needs to change, something needs to be fixed or healed, whether that’s depression, abuse, relationships, failure, etc. It lets you know what you should do next. However, we should not accept the very essence of our pain, but we should embrace the necessity of it. This does not mean to keep going back to all the things that hurt you. Do not give in, but move on. I like to think of it like the human body. When our brain senses physical pain it can mean two things: something is very wrong and you need to act quickly to fix it before it seriously harms you or your body is healing itself.

So it is your choice, accept the pain or embrace it.


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