So she finally reply back yea zena

For some reason I feel like the whole world watching me shit I’m just crazy fool who fell in love withsome random  moroccan girl with curly hair who look good in a blue uniform  . So any way she said  ” Juan !!!! I don’t hate you or think your crazy ! Are you ay work now ? I’m like happy and wtf is that kind response is that ?  Lol fuck it for now I’m in the friend ship zone like shit I’d there was a scale from 1 to 10 I would  be 0 but I’ll take what I  get good night to who every  read this who has no life to read about some crazy nut falling love with a girl with curly hair who from morocco god in read when she let me run her hair in the run way while she was eating shake shack god I’m obsessed let me chill before my Ass get a creep charge 😐good night

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