Spiritual Clarity

Yesterday I had a moment of spiritual clarity on the way to work…a moment when I opened myself up to God and allowed him to touch my spirit…this isn’t something I have experienced in quite some time. Later in the day I was sitting at my desk and started feeling very anxious…nearly having a panic attack…at first I started freaking out and tearing up and then I slowed down…I forced myself to take a breath and I prayed for God to take the anxiety and help me through that moment of fear. It was terrifying, but at the end of the day I was able to say that I made it through. I know now that the next time I feel that way, my first defense is prayer. I can turn to God for peace and strength and he is always there. Pretty awesome…

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Clarity”

  1. I loved what you wrote here. God is a power of strength and I am glad that you experienced that. Any pain, sorrow, frustration, heartache, or anything, you just call on God and he will help you.
    When I was having so many problems with my ex-husband after my divorce a man I was working with gave me a book called, “Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson.
    That book changed my life. I was able to not be so emotional when problems came up. I would do as you did, call on God to calm me and it helped.

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