Yeah I’m tripping met Jorge everyone

He the reason I’m still alive 😢

Man I always telling him about girls I’m in love with 😲😍  but this random at I got fired from nandos about me and  Leticia  I was mad because I didn’t have any more money for skydiving.  I was in love with her to but I’m losing the matter at hand zena I would what Jorge really think lol buy na Jorge has had my back at nandos taking up for me and shit oh lee I can think of that with me and you in the alley  lol ha ha ha ha like we did t  even do shit lol because  that dude walk pass her and lee got spooked  😱😲 lol lee going to text me back saying  ” JUAN IS YOU CLEAN” bitch I just stuck one finger in there and keep it moving 😑👤💃  dam I’m high as a Kite ! Shit I had to Google that because I almost  spelled the other Kite that offensive to jews  I can’t wait to she what zena text me back I pray it good 🙍😾🙀🙊

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