Entry 7: Friends

Entry 7: Friends

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Anyone does not have friends? I think no, right? How can people live without friends? They must be very lonely.

For me, friends are very important. When I face difficulties, my friends are ready to lend their helping hands to me. They give me strength to solve all the problems. Without their supports,  I think I will give up easily when I face troubles.

My friends also give me a happy school life. They make my school life full of joys. I will always remember the days we were together in school. I will keep all these valuable memories in my heart forever. I can still think back the mischiefs that we had done together.

I hope that my friends can translate their dreams into reality. Never give up when you have any troubles. Remember, I am always by your side and support you no matter where and when.

Edited by Nawwar,  Aina and Amy.




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