Let’s get it started 11/13/2015

So, this is my first journal entry. As I write this I am currently wishing I was anywhere but work. The pace of my job on a Thursday night at 11pm is strikingly similar to that of my former pet turtle Crush. I suppose I could begin this entry by stating some random facts about myself, but those will come with time. Rather, I would like to simply go over the course of my day. I began this day by deciding not to go to school and sleeping until noon…a productive start to any day. You see I have been feeling sick the last few days, of course that is no excuse for missing class. Although if it is an excuse, it isn’t the same excuse I’ve used for missing class several more times throughout the semester. Oops did I say that? Yes unfortunately the drive I had for school upon the start of this semester has dwindled quickly, and that brings me to why I am here.  I have found that my motivation has been seeped from my body to the point that I will sleep from one half of the day to the next and remain just as tired as the night before accomplishing nothing but the occasional shower, and reluctantly taking the dog outside before returning to bed. So I have decided to recruit you to help me regain that spark of motivation. Now I promise nothing out of this journal other than to try to regularly put in some effort to keep it updated however; I find that I have rarely maintained any regular journal so we will see how it goes. Anyhow, back to my day. After my noon wake up, I enjoyed spending time with the love of my life. To maintain a sense of privacy I will call her “the little red haired girl” of course she has no red hair to speak of, but I just saw the Peanuts movie last night so we will go with that. We had a modest breakfast of cereal and a few m&m’s for myself, then a quick shower. After that my day of regular laziness and netflix began, followed by going to a job where I divide my day between sitting in a desk and occasionally taking a stroll through the bar and hotel I work for. And that brings me to now, 8 hours later sitting in the same chair. My night has been a combination of French homework and drinking cranberry-sprite. But this will not be me anymore, or at least I hope not. The effort I intend to bring to my day to day life changes now. My effort towards school, my love life, my work life, and my personal health all need to be rekindled. Everything that I wish to do or become will not happen unless I begin to make it happen. So every week I am going to list 3 improvements that I have made in my life. I am happy to have you along for the ride. Have a great life. -Comish

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