It’s not fair. Nobody cares. I can’t deal with this. I want to go home and never come out. I want my new phone so that nobody has my number and nobody can get in touch with me. I can shut myself off from the world and nobody would care. I want to go home and cry. SEND ME HOME!!!!!!!! This isn’t fair. It isn’t right. I hate it. I hate everything about myself. Everyone else does too. NOBODY CARES. This is stupid. It’s not anyone will read this anyway.

3 thoughts on “SEND ME HOME NOW”

  1. I just want to let you know:
    I did read this, and I do hope you feel better soon, whatever your situation is.

  2. Hey! What is going on with you? If you need someone to talk, I’m here!

  3. I have read your post, and felt the feelings you have shared. Someone does care, even when you don’t feel it. Take care of you right now.

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