Still Hurting

I don’t think she’ll ever understand what she’s done to me. I thought I was over feeling like this but I guess not. Didn’t realize how hard and painful this breakup would be. In the beginning I cried alot , every night to be exact. I blocked her number, I would ignore her in public. For me it was that bad because I really love her, and that kind of relationship was new to me. Its been 10 months going on 11 now, we talk but it doesn’t feel the same. This scar that’s left on my heart hurts like hell.

One thought on “Still Hurting”

  1. She will never know unless you tell her.
    There are some people that totally don’t have any idea about the impact of their actions to others, so the best way is to confront your feelings to that particular person in a manner that isn’t offensive.
    I understand how you are feeling right now. Feel the pain until pain gets tired of you. Just hold on and everything is going to be alright.
    The scar will remain as a scar but the pain it caused will soon vanish.

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