That Thin Line

Most of us believe that having a great life composes of harmonious relationship with family, having a stable job, being active socially, etc. And this kind of life is hard to pull off. Who can even manage to do your work, complete your personal needs, and taking care of your family all at once? It’s really impossible to accomplish these tasks.

But you know what is harder than making your life like this?

It’s living on that thin line between two different perspectives– that thin line that can balance every aspect of life that a person has to get done. Until now, no one gets to live on it happily. Everybody struggles a lot. I do, quite much. I still don’t know when to say no or yes to a favor. I struggle a lot when to show my feelings and when not. I still don’t know when to let somebody see my bad side and my good side. I always choose to live my life by only showing the good side of me. I prefer benevolence over malevolence, always. I think that showing kindness to a cold-hearted person can make him realize that sometimes it’s not that awful to be good, and that being good could make his life happier. And I was wrong. Scratch what I’ve said. The point is, too much goodness will be taken for granted and too much wickedness will be misunderstood. 


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One thought on “That Thin Line”

  1. That was beautiful. Never show anyone your dark side or any other side of you besides the smiley one, they do not care. Keep that side of you to yourself because it is special…it lets you see a different side of the world.

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