want to go out

i really really want to go traveling. want to get new experiences and make new memories. want to see new sights and get new inspiration for my photos.

i want to experience Life in a different way. there are times I want to go travel alone but i dont think hubby would like that. I would go somewhere off the grid and maybe stay there for a month or so. i know that if im single now i would have gone workcation or just be on vacation for 3 months like exploring south america or something. ahh but im a late bloomer in this aspect. didnt enjoy traveling till i settled down with him.

Cuba, Amsterdam, Tuscany, New York, Switzerland, New Zealand, anywhere in Japan, Taiwan, Micronesia, Norway, hell, I’d go to the Maldives just to be in the water.

Am saving up for New Zealand for December 2016 but i so want to go somewhere THIS december.

am helping myself relieve my traveling craves by drawing pictures of exploration and sightseeing. helped but i do know I REALLY WANT TO GO TRAVEL.

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