a rough patch…

so lately things have been going pretty rough for me. I recently got a job. I loved it. didn’t have to deal with too many people. the pay was good. the hrs were outrageous. we were mandated to work 12 hrs a day 7 days a week. It got real tiring. working 72 hr work weeks with no day off in sight. I’ll say this, the money was great with all the overtime. My boyfriend was really cool with me working all the hrs and understood the sacrifices. But then my health start bothering me. I noticed little changes in my health, so my bf urged me to go to the doctors. when I did the results weren’t too great. so as I started getting treatment my body would get really tired and I couldn’t keep up with work, so I decided it was best for my health to quit because the company said they wouldn’t give me days off to take of my medical problems. now my bf thinks less of me cause I couldn’t handle the hours. ive tried finding a normal 40 hrs a week job but have had no luck. it seems like the efforts I make in life to advance forward always get looked over and I tend to move backward. when I see everyone else around me advancing in life through pure luck and no effort. I hope things get better but as of right now im just too tired to keep fighting right now. a few days of sleep might just do the trick.

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  1. yeah its a very aggravating feeling. ive been doing a lot of thinking lately… im gonna try to find things I take joy in doing and make them “daily rituals.” if I have little things to look forward to maybe it”ll make things seem a little easier. now the only problem is… what do I enjoy doing?

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