Beware…This is your warning

First online journal…what to say…what to say.  I always have things going thru my mind, why can’t I come up with thoughts now?  Seems so different when writing them in an actual journal.  Figured I would try something different.

I have an addiction.  Super, annoying, I hate; addiction.  Food. Not in the good way either, of cooking or creating new beautiful dishes.  I eat food.  I’ve struggled with this problem since I could remember.  No…that’s not my problem.  I’m Bulimic.  I said it…I’ve struggled with the issue for years.  I need help.  I was doing fine for a bit, and then stress…yes, stress happened.  What kind of stress you ask?  Well…those things are for another white page on this site.

I know that I’m not hungry, but its like food “comforts” me.  Then, after enjoying the sweet taste it has to offer, or the crunchy goodness…I can’t seem to keep it down.  Something in my head yells….”GET RID OF IT!!  NOW!”  So I run to the bathroom.  Sometimes, this is a process that continues its self 3-4 times per day.

I was doing fine.  No “episodes” or anything…then, my world crashed, and I crashed with it….

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