Gifted Hands

November 14th,

I am grateful that God has gifted people with different talents and gifts to bless others. Over time, I have come to realize that not all talents have be tangible. Personally, God has gifted me with the talent of music. I am grateful that I can bless others in this way and enjoy my gifts at that. I help lead worship at my church, playing piano, and play piano for prayer meetings at another church. My brother has the same gift, as he leads worship at my church and plays guitar at other gatherings as well. He is also a very hard-working, dedicated, gentle, loving man and husband to his wife. Gifts that don’t have to be tangible include public speaking, the ability to command an audience, creativity, that is, the ability to transform something dull and seemingly useless into something beautiful  and full of purpose, and compassion, which are just a few of the amazing talents and character qualities my sister-in-law has been gifted with. Watching people use their talents to make the world a better place by making small differences around them is a powerful thing to witness. These lessons happen all around me on a daily basis and I am grateful for these lessons.

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