Nov/14/2015 1:48AM

Just got back from going out with my friends and a girl I think I like. Well you know everyone wants all their things to go as they wanted but in reality, it really does not. I think it is time for me to move on. The girl I like does not seems to be on the same page as me and I don’t want to push her to do anything. She already has a lot to take care of her own. Sometimes you have to make a decision that you don’t really want but I do understand that it is inevitable sometimes. At the end, I want her to be happy and so do I. To do that, I’m going back to what it was before when I saw her for the first time when I only see her As friend and I believe it’s better for everybody around me. I’m so glad tho that I met all these friends who I can depend on including her. I’m drunk but this won’t be change. What a night! What happened in Paris was horrible.. My deepest condolences for everyone who lost their loved ones…

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