Sweet Dreams

Tomorrow is my mommas birthday. I miss her sooo much. She was a wonderful woman with a kind ❤. She loved me ….

Today was ok ..went by quietly and quickly. I just had R. She kept her distance but stayed in the same room as I did. Lol. I do love them. 

Now what to do with B…we totally had a major aagurment Today. He can be sooo much like his father at times. The way they think baffles me…So maybe it’s not their thinking…Its disrespect , totally and completely. Why do I allow it? Guess the big question is…why do I allow alot of things? I know others wonder…Even surprised. Cause I’m a strong bitch…and I got this. I’m not letting them break me…I’m becoming more determined everyday. I’m looking at my blessings and prasing them like never before. I am starting to accept me…no one eles has to. I don’t have to be beautiful in any one eles eyes to feel beautiful. People are hateful and hurtful to others because they have to make you feel bad for them to feel good. I’ll never understand that….and I’m ALWAYS in some crazy situation. I only hope that perhaps God put me there in someone eles place. Because. …I have my days moments….but I always get back up. Overwhelmed most days …most of us are. But I got this…

I seen the Mr. Last night.. Ohhhh my. My body automatically reacts to him.. At times I have abslouty NO control. People were around though..I’m going to close my eyes now.

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