weddings CAN bring out the worst in people.

weddings CAN bring out the worst in people.

just came back from a wedding dinner shoot. it was one of the rare ones; most wedding jobs hubby has had were cheerful, easy, smooth. this one had a fussy couple and unfortunately, sudden technical errors. i dont think the couple appreciated hubby’s work. not only that, i got the impression that because they have paid, they kept adding things unto hubby’s to-do list. they had no idea how much work it was every time they wanted something MINOR changed. they probably thought since they paid they better “fully utilize” the videographer. they whatsapp him at midnight, they email him with tiny changes every time they think of one (cant you two discuss first, sit on it, then email him a list instead???) Gees. they emailed him 4-5 times a day with a single change in each email. i told him he better start charging them extra for every change they request.

the worst part was the bride complaining she didnt look good on camera. oh dear… im a realistic person. im not pretty thus i dont expect to look fabulous on camera. i know the maximum beauty my appearance can go up to. those type of women are really hard to work with.

then the sudden technical error. i saw the stressors of hubby’s job tonight. i always thought he had the dream job and tonight im so glad im a special ed teacher. my job’s predictable and im very well trained in managing difficult behaviours (both parents and kids). hubby’s job can be very unpredictable. who the hell knew the microphone would suddenly not work? he’s really upset at himself now. hes in bed but i doubt he’s really sleeping.

given how fussy that couple is, i know hubby’s gonna have a hard 3 weeks ahead of him. they will give him hell for missing out a tiny part of the wedding reception. and then topple that with their fussy a change request per email.

yes it’s your wedding and yes you only have one wedding in your lifetime thus you want it perfect. but do you really truly remember every single detail of your wedding? it’s just a bloody ceremony. the truly important thing is the MARRIAGE, the relationship that takes hard work to maintain after all that fancy wedding gown, food, music, and photos.

each wedding is perfect in their own ways. it’s as though they all have their own personalities and styles. mine was perfect because i went with the flow. the kids struggled with walking down the aisle because of their special needs so be it. i just wanted them to be part of it. the photographer didnt get some shots i wanted but so be it. i dont even look at those photos to be honest.

your wedding is perfect but not necessarily the way you dreamed of.

and dont treat photographers and videographers like the lowest class in the system. we are just doing our job. the fucking groom wanted something spontaneously, NOT US. dont whine in front of us that we are making your lives difficult. it’s your friend who’s getting married that wanted all those spontaneous interviews. and i bet none of you knew how much extra work that is, filming and then editing it within 30 minutes to air it at the reception. you only paid for one person and he aint superman. be realistic. so when the poor videographer couldnt get your spontaneous footage all edited for airing, DONT GIVE HIM THE DIRTY LOOK. you come and film the damn thing yourself. then you edit the damn thing yourself.

be nice to those who are doing you a service. be realistic.

i feel so bad for my husband right now.

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