Entry 13 – A short escape

Last semester break, my friends and I went to sunway for a short escape from our hectic busy life. Actually, we had planned since last year and finally we made it. We were super duper excited to have a short catch up with each other after for a while. Although not everybody can make it as a few of them still struggling for their exam so there were only four of us. But it was okay number doesn’t mean anything, the quality time that we spend together that was counted. We decided to play for indoor and outdoor games. Yeah it’s not like we will go there again so we played all the games and enjoyed it although it was quiet scary and adventurous. As always when going out with my friends I will be the tallest one and always have to act like a big sister. Although I didn’t like it but yeah I have to accept the fact. We laugh together and many story been told. Lots of things had happened in our lives. Different people with different struggle and obstacles in live but like it or not we have to face it up. We really enjoyed the short catch up and hope to see again one day. It is not about  the number of days that you spend but it is about with whom you spend the time with. Do appreciate every single things that happened in your life.



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