Finding the one

Have you ever met someone who just blew you off your feet? Like you meet them and all of a sudden its like you know everything about that person and you can see yourself with that person forever. They seem to have all the qualities you look for in a relationship and you’re able to see through their flaws and their mistakes and their past just because you have such a deep emotional connection to them that you can almost feel the pain they feel inside. For some reason it’s like all the barriers you put up to protect yourself just came crashing down the moment you met this person and they just walked into your heart and instead of being terrified you let that person in and feel a certain kind of affection for this person and you can’t help but think you love them and you want nothing more than to hold them forever. You just met this person but you would be devastated if they ever left your side.

All of a sudden money and cars and houses mean nothing at all because all you want is that person next to you no matter what the circumstances are. You just want that special person to hold you and love you and to feel the unconditional love forever. All the plans you originally had for your own life are gone and you’re thinking about how great new plans with this person could be. There’s no doubt in your mind that this is real. You just know this person made you fall madly in love with them and you cannot wait to show them how much you care.

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