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OK, so I know no one will read this but really this is just for me to get my head straight. and if anyone dose actually read this  i am very sorry for my spellings and grammar. English isn’t my strong suit, well in fact nothing is except acting and being annoying.  and as I write this i will try and make it ester for anyone reading this, if they are any that is. 

Well I don’t really know where to begin really, let’s just say my life has never been simple. Always speaking out when I shouldn’t have, Always making things worse by not thinking before I do something, being too forgiving. Well thing is will me I forgive but I never forget, but wouldn’t you say because I never forget dose that mean I never really forgive ? Thing is as well as that i find each and every single person expects to be forgiven a number of times (and I am the same ) but when it comes back to them forgiving someone they think ” why should I “. I always want to be forgiven by the bad things I have done, so  I try to forgive but I find myself forgiving too much. I cave in and I am sure at some point in your life, you have caved in to some one when you shouldn’t have. I let people in to easily and too quickly and i think that is one of the reasons why I forgive too easily, I let them get inside my head and I let them take me over. and I speak for a good 90% of people it happens more then once in our life’s, for me though its been about 8 times, even though I am only young.  Letting the wrong people in will be the undoing of most of us . 

Now before we go any further with this, i want you as a reader to know that I am selfish, stubborn,  stupid , insane and dame right annoying.  and if  you wish to carry on reading all i have to say is ” may god have mercy on your soul  “.

And speaking for god ( IF YOU ARE RELIGIOUS IN ANY WAY  DO NOT KEEP READING! THIS IS MY OPINION AND IT WILL OFFEND YOU )  there is no god(s). i find religion to be the most evil thing on this fuck up world. all  religion dose  is bring war ( or have a big part in it ). look at the war we are in now, before you start hating me I do not blame Muslims for ISIS ( I belief Muslims are the biggest victim here due to all the hate they get for being associated with ISIS ) it is the extreme Muslims that are ISIS are the reason for this  war . Now the Muslim culture I find quite nice, they have so much culture and I find that beautiful.  Religion is beautiful and ugly. It can bring life but also death. It gives people hope and it also brings people fear. And what hurts me the most at the moment is the fact that Muslims are being  blamed for something they did not do. For example Scotland are closing their borders to the refugees for one simple fact, they are scared. They are scared that the refugees are going to bring ISIS into their country. 

so many deaths due to religion. Jews did not start WW2 but they had a big part of it. when it comes to war you kill because your god is telling you to or you kill because they have a god.  Think of it this way say no one was religious then one person believes in god, yeah OK that’s fine they can’t do much harm , then another person believes in it. Yeah two people not much difference. But then another and another and another next minute  you have 100,000,000 people believing in this god. that is a lot of people isn’t it ? now say if 10,000,000 decide that they don’t like they way things are so they start a war. Then that other 90,000,000 are bring blamed for what the others did. Its discriminating. That is why I don’t like religion. 

I use to be religious till I saw the damage it can do. I know I will get hate for this (especially from the Christians)  but this is what i think and if you don’t like it don’t read my next one.  sorry to put a downer on things 

Jazzy  x

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